Teens Gentle Intimate Wash Wild Pansy

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Specially formulated for girls aged 13-18′, ‘Wild pansy extract gently soothes, nourishes and protects skin’, ‘Lactic acid and a prebiotic infusion promote natural defences’

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Specially formulated for girls aged 13-18, commencing with intimate hygiene routines & desiring a gentle, intimate-care formulation.

This daily, intimate wash infused with wild pansy extract for its extra mild property. Gently refreshes & cares for the intimate area.

The pleasantly scented, silky-textured gel is easy to use: simply lather with water, cleanse & rinse off.

Lactic acid & a prebiotic infusion helps ensure the optimal pH balance for the protection & health of the intimate microbiome.

Suitable for daily use or as often as needed, and during menstruation.

Dermatologically & gynaecologically tested, biodegradable formulation.

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300 ml

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